Royal Matador Outsourcing aims to make the outsourcing and recruitment processes as seamless as possible.

An outsourcing firm that specializes in the provision, outsourcing, procurement,

deployment, training and management of well trained

individuals both Skilled and Unskilled

About Us

Royal Matador Outsourcing provides well-trained individuals both Skilled and Unskilled to clients.

Here we take the personnel through vigorous and ethical procedures of recruitment to meet the standard of our clients.

Background checks are carried out on our personnel to ascertain their credibility. Credit facilities are also available to deployed personnel.

To enjoy our services as a Client, we have 3 membership registration categories at different price rates which are Platinum membership, Gold membership, and Silver membership.

Yearly membership renewal at different membership categories is also included.

Despite the thousands of unmatched jobs in Nigeria, there are still thousands of eligible candidates.

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